Montag, 11. November 2013

Jane Heap 1883-1964

Literatur von Jane Heap:
Jane Heap - Notes (1983)
The Notes of Jane Heap (1994)

relevante Literatur:
Margaret Anderson - My Thirty Years War (1969)
Richard Edwards - Jane Heap. A Monograph (1984)
W.P. Patterson - Gurdjieff & the Ladies of the Rope (1998)
Solano & Hulme - Gurdjieff and the Women of the Rope (2012)
John Lester - Jane Heap as remembered by some of those she taught (1988)
Holly A. Baggett - Dear Tiny Heart: The Letters of Jane Heap and Florence Reynolds (1999)
James Opie - Approching Inner Work. Michael Currer-Briggs on the Gurdjieff teaching (2011)


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