Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Literatur von direkten Gurdjieff Schülern

George Adie - A Gurdjieff Pupil in Australia
Margaret Anderson - My Thirty Years' War
Margaret Anderson - The Unknowable Gurdjieff
Martin Benson - Martin Benson speaks
Anna Butkovsky-Hewitt - With Gurdjieff in St. Petersburg and Paris
Solange Claustres - Becoming Conscious with Mr. Gurdjieff
Dr. Michel Conge - Inner Octaves
John O. Cosgrave - The Academy for Souls
Rene Daumal - Mount Analogue
Sir Paul Dukes - On a Single Breath
Christopher Fremantle - On Attention. Talks, Essays and Letters
Rina Hands - Diary of Madame Egout Pour Sweet
Marjorie Von Harten - A Way of Living
Thomas & Olga de Hartmann - Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff
Jane Heap - Notes of Jane Heap
Jessmin Howarth - It´s up to Ourselves
Kathryn Hulme - Undiscovered Country
Rowland Kenney - Westering. An Autobiography
 C. Daly King - Oragean Version
C. Daly King - The States of Human Consciousness
C. Daly King - The Butterfly. A Symbol of Conscious Evolution
Henriette Lannes - Inside a Question
Henriette Lannes - This Fundamentel Quest
Georgette Leblanc - The Courage Machine
Sherman Manchester - Orage´s Commentary on Beelzebub´s Tales
Louise March - The Gurdjieff Years 1929-49
Louise March - Gurdjieff. A Call for Attention to his Life and Work
Melissa Marston Macleod - My Life: A Spiritual Quest
Ethel Merston - A Women´s Work with Gurdjieff
Lawrence Morris - The Force of Gurdjieff
Gorham Munson - The Awakening Twenties
C.S. Nott - Teachings of Gurdjieff 
C.S. Nott - Journey through this World
Willem Nyland - Firefly I & II
Willem Nyland - Index and Study Guide for Beelzebub's Tales
Sophia Ouspensky - Conversations with Madame Ouspensky
John Pentland - Exchanges Within
John Pentland - Working in Special Conditions
John Pentland - Impressions of Truth in the Human Mass
John Pentland - The Art of Living
Fritz Peters - Boyhood with Gurdjieff
Fritz Peters - Gurdjieff Remembered
Fritz Peters - Balanced Man 
Dorothy Phillpotts - Discovering Gurdjieff
Irmis Popoff - Gurdjieff. His Work on Myself
Irmis Popoff - Gurdjieff Group Work with Wilhem Nyland
Hugh Ripman - Search for Truth
Hugh Ripman - Questions and Answers along the Way
Robert de Ropp - The Master Game
Robert de Ropp - Warrior´s Way
Robert de Ropp - Self Completion
Jeanne de Salzmann - Reality of Being
Michel de Salzmann - Two Essays
William Segal - A Voice at the Borders of Silence
Solita Solano - Gurdjieff and the Women of the Rope
A.L. Staveley - Aim and Wish
A.L. Staveley - Memories of Gurdjieff
A.L. Staveley - Jane Heap 1887-1964
Tcheslaw Tchekhovitch - Gurdjieff a Master in Life
Henri Thomasson - Pursuit of the Present
Basil Tilley -  From Antiquity: A Grateful Tribute by a Pupil of Gurdjieff
Jean Toomer - Essentials
Henri Tracol - The Real Question Remains
Henri Tracol - The Taste for the things that are true
P.L. Travers - What the Bee knows
P.L. Travers - About the Sleeping Beauty
P.L. Travers - George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff
Kenneth Walker - Venture with Ideas
Kenneth Walker - The Making of Man
Kenneth Walker - A Study of Gurdjieff's Teaching
Jean Vaysse - Toward Awakening
Louise Welch - The old Man rides a Bicycle
Louise Welch - Meetings with L.W. in Toronto
Louise Welch - Orage with Gurdjieff in America
William J. Welch - What Happened in Between: A Doctor's Story
 Edwin Wolfe - Episodes with Gurdjieff
Olgivanna Lloyd Wright - The Struggle Within
Olgivanna Lloyd Wright - The Roots of Life
Rene Zuber - Who are you Monsieur Gurdjieff?

Die bekanntesten Autoren wie Ouspensky, Orage, Bennett und Nicoll sind auf diesem Blog separat gelistet. Gelistet sind hier nur englischsprachige Titel, die sich auf Gurdjieff oder die Arbeit beziehen.

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